Occupational Hygiene

What is Occupational Hygiene?
Occupational Hygiene is about the prevention of ill-health from work through recognising, evaluating and controlling the risks in the workplace that may cause illness or impair health.

Proper workplace risk assessment, management and hazard control are very important to the protection of workers’ health. If you’re not sure whether your business meets the current Occupational Health & Safety Standards, contact Asbestos Testing and Sampling Laboratories (ATS Labs). We offer expert advice, workplace risk assessment, tests and solutions to clients throughout Australia.

Why ATS?
ATS Laboratories specialise in the assessment, monitoring, management and remediation of Asbestos and provide a comprehensive scope of services to a wide range of clients nationally.

We focus on client needs to ensure the development of solutions for even the most challenging hygiene and safety issues. Our Occupational Hygienist will work with you to implement a workable hygiene management system in your workplace, essential to meeting legislative requirements and best practice. We use quantitative methods to gather information on hazards within the workplace from inspections to real time employee exposure monitoring.